The managing director of Wind Cluster (the “Company”) has the power to design, assess and continuously revise the Governance and Sustainability System, and specifically to approve and update the corporate policies, which contain the guidelines governing the conduct of the Company within the meaning established by law.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, and aware of its commitment to the environment generally and to the preservation of the biodiversity of the territories in which Wind Cluster does business specifically, the managing director hereby approves this Biodiversity Policy (the “Policy”) pursuant to the provisions of the Purpose and Values of the Wind Cluster.

The purpose

The Policy is intended to establish a reference framework for integrating the protection and promotion of biodiversity into Wind Cluster, and to define the principles of conduct for the development of a business model that is sustainable and positive with nature, such that its activities protect and promote the development and growth of the natural heritage, particularly including the protection of animals, as living sentient beings.

The degradation of ecosystems and the unprecedented decline of biological diversity, unanimously identified by the scientific community as a direct consequence of the impact of human activities, entail serious environmental, economic and social risks, requiring action to reverse the loss of biodiversity.

We recognise that the decrease in biodiversity is a global issue with a global impact, but we believe that every single business, no matter of size, has a responsibility to protect the natural world the best it can.

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