Our goals and ambitions

The foundations of our company are based on the aim that we can act as a great catalyst to help the major wind turbine OEM’s to achieve their goal of transitioning the world from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

At Wind Cluster we are committed to contribute to energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Therefore, we have agreed and established this policy and a sustainability climate action plan has been put in place for the purpose of transitioning Wind Cluster to carbon neutrality by 2030. At the centre of this effort is the need to reduce energy use, especially that which originates from burning fossil fuels. There is potential for considerable energy conservation measures from behavioural change by employees, suppliers, partners and customers in conjunction with installing energy efficient technologies. Energy costs, electricity and heating are a major component of Wind Clusters operating budget; thus, energy conservation and efficiency measures can become major components of fiscal responsibility.



  • Packing materials, packing chips, wrapping materials etc. will be replaced with environmental friendly and low emissions types as stock of present material are to be replaced.

  • Appliances will be replaced with Energy Star models at the end of the appliance life-cycle.


How can we lower our carbon footprint in the workplace?

  • Turn off electronic equipment when not in use, including computers, printers, workshop tools and other office equipment.

  • Be wise on heating: close curtains/blinds to conserve heat or to re-direct sunlight in mid-summer. Limit office thermostats to 21c and packing areas, toilets, reception area to 19c in winter months, completely turn off heating in late spring to early autumn.

  • Be wise on lighting: ensure all lights are turned off at the end of each work day.


To reduce emissions of CO, CO2, NOx, and other exhaust components and to improve air quality in the company and in the local community, Wind Cluster adopts the following: Idling of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles shall be prohibited at the area of Wind Cluster. Employees are to comply, and employees are to kindly request visitors, suppliers, transportation companies etc. to comply. Nothing in this policy shall be implemented in a punitive manner. The idle-free initiative shall be implemented as an educational process.

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