Wind Cluster´s Responsible Purchasing policy reaffirms our commitment to sustainability in
our supply chain and confirms that we expect our suppliers to meet specific health and safety, human rights, ethical and environmental standards.

We encourage our suppliers to work at their own sector’s level and with us to identify and develop ongoing performance improvements to our responsible and sustainable procurement programme.

We hope that this policy will promote sustainable business practices by our suppliers and throughout their entire supply chain.


  • Collaborate: Work with suppliers to improve social (including health, safety and human rights), environmental and ethical standards. This may include joint or third-party assessments, such as process audits, site visits or certifications, to evaluate performance against defined and agreed standards such as Wind Cluster’s own principles, clarified within its code of business conduct, the suppliers’ own ethical guidelines or appropriate sectorial sustainability standards.
  • Support: Assist suppliers to identify activities that fall below those requirements and work towards achieving improved conditions in a timely manner possibly by the sharing of good practices or training.
  • Prioritise: Focus attention on those parts of the supply chain where the risk of not meeting those requirements are highest and where the maximum improvement can be made.
  • Respect: Conduct our business with suppliers in a fair, objective, transparent and professional manner. This includes treating suppliers’ employees working at our premises with the same workplace practices as our own staff.
  • Promote: Act as an advocate for sustainable supply chain practices within our industry and increasingly rely on a supply chain achieving strong and verified sustainability performance.
  • Communicate and train: Ensure that all Wind Cluster employees are aware of this policy and that those responsible for purchasing are appropriately trained.
  • Improve: Regularly review our policies and practices to ensure they contribute to our responsible and sustainable procurement vision and to our reporting.


  • General principles: We expect them to meet the requirement described in this policy and specifically in this paragraph, and if they fail to meet them, propose and implement mitigation plans to achieve them.
  • Health & Safety: commitment towards a “journey of zero” incidents and injuries within the workforce as well as a general level of well-being and employee satisfaction.
  • Human Rights: commitment towards enforced policies focusing on human rights, in particular those of employees and that of the local community.
  • Ethics: commitment towards ethical business practises. Wind Cluster does not and will not buy materials and services that do not comply with national or international laws.
  • Environmental stewardship: commitment towards sustainability.
  • Documentation: the ability to prove dedication and action towards the above suggested policy areas.

​By working together throughout the entire supply chain we can make the biggest impact to our working, social and natural environment.

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