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Brugg Cables represents complete solutions, skills and Swiss quality in power supply and data transmission. Development, production, implementation and services – a one-stop shop in your neighbourhood.

The wind power segment is growing by 5% annually. As a result, 7,000-8,000 new wind turbines are being built every year in Europe alone. 

Growing markets demand partners that are constantly developing. As a leading component supplier, Brugg Cables therefore offers innovative cable solutions with impressive, future-oriented concepts and maximum reliability. In addition to outstanding product quality, Brugg Cables provide innovative services, and with their “engineer to order” approach you get an extensive range of testing opportunities, from approval processes through to logistics services. 

State-of-the-art processes for individual solutions

You define the requirements, and Brugg Cables deliver the individual, customer-specific solution. As a specialist in sophisticated cable systems, Brugg Cables has particular professional skills in the field of Engineered to Order (ETO).

Engineered to Order is a state-of-the-art process in which the individual components are designed and manufactured on the basis of specific customer requirements. And so you benefit from the comprehensive professional knowledge and extensive experience built up by our specialists. Brugg Cables will provide reliable assistance with challenging processes – from development and design to purchasing, production and assembly on-site. 

Specialists of Brugg Cables do more than help with advice during the project phase.

Brugg Cables also provide quite specific services – from drawing up specifications and technical drawings to building prototypes and performing a range of product tests in our high-performance testing laboratory. That’s how Brugg Cable make sure your customised products are professionally manufactured to satisfy the most stringent quality requirements: in terms not only of technology but also of cost efficiency and security of investment. 

Putting the right spin on it

Wind turbines are growing more and more powerful. That’s why Brugg Cable rely on an in-house torsion test facility for quality assurance. After all, performing reliable tests on cables and wires means there will be no surprises.

Brugg Cable develop cables with maximum dynamic strength and cold flexibility, made to suit your specific requirements. Brugg Cable believe reliable quality assurance is highly important, and the 16-metre-high testing facility, with up to 15,000 torsion cycles, provides this guarantee.

Not only is known issues of torsion being tested. Also, Brugg Cables have advanced testing facilities for a large range of other chalendges in the wind power industry related eg. to Medium Voltage and High Voltage cables.

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