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Zero Speed Sensors

JAQUET’s speed measurement chain for wind turbines advanced reliability, safety, performance & availability.

Handling rotational speed – detecting, measuring, monitoring and processing speed in demanding ambient conditions – is the core business of JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

From hydro-electric power stations to hundreds of wind turbines and nuclear powered submarines at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, you‘ll find JAQUET equipment measuring, controlling and protecting rotating machines. So you can be safe in the knowledge that we understand your world and how to protect it.

For wind turbines in particular the JAQUET sensors are used for measuring of:

speed of rotors
speed for pitch control
speed for turbine start up
speed for hydraulic brakes
speed of generator
speed of gear transmission
overspeed protection

The quality of the measurement and protection chain is determined by its weakest link.
Type tested and qualified, designed to meet the specific ambient conditions and norms & standards of wind turbines, JAQUET products provide optimized performance, availability with safety.

JAQUET offers the complete measurement and protection chain:

  • non- contact speed sensors with multiple output signals – one sensor provides 4 or more signals for speed, direction, monitoring and diagnostic information
  • pole wheels, pole bands and rings – optimized for wind turbine use
  • overspeed protection systems

Drawing on JAQUET tried and tested experience, we can be sure to give you an immediate suggestion that matches your individual requirements. We take pride in providing you with an efficient solution which also helps reduce your total costs.

JAQUET target design – pole bands, wheels and rings
A reliable speed measurement chain and protection system begins with an ideal target design.
JAQUET’s unique portfolio and long experience in providing pole wheels, pole bands and pole rings to various applications guarantees a solid accuracy of the measurements.

  • Robust wind turbine specifi c designs optimized for large shaft geometrics
  • A careful optimization with speed sensors allows higher radial tolerances, fl exibility with a sensing distance (air gap) and contributes to a robust signal quality.
  • Perfected mechanical design with corrosion resistant materials ensure easy and safe mounting and a solid long term performance over wide temperature range.

Let us help you select or customize a target design which meets your individual requirements.
Or we can consult you with the mechanics and performance requirements to optimize the functionality of your existing target.

JAQUET’s robust speed sensor concept for wind turbines:
speed, direction, monitoring & diagnostic functions in one customizable speed sensor.

Basic technical data

Technology Hall effect – DC / static
Supply voltage 5 – 24 V
Signal output Single ended or differential signal options, customizable outputs
/ interface
Frequency range 0 Hz – 20 kHz
Operating temperature -40 C° – +125 C°
Housing sizes 10 mm and larger

For more and detailed information please see Wind Turbine Speed Sensor Operating Instructions.
JAQUET’s wind turbine Hall effect speed sensor line offers a reliable alternative to encoders, proximity switches or VR sensor based speed measurement solutions. The speed sensor line is robust (no mechanical contact) and fl exible with customizable functionalities and output interfaces..

  • Customizable multiple output signals – 4 or more output signals in one sensor
  • Speed and direction – including zero speed and creep detection information
  • Diagnostics and monitoring – for example sensor health, transmission status, power status, signal quality, air gap optimization, redundant phase shift and duty cycle analysis – depending on your wishes and requirements.
  • Robust design meeting IEC norms and standards for wind turbines incl. vibration, humidity, temperature changes, EMC and lightning protection.
  • Applicable for use in SIL 2 environments
  • Flexible and customizable hermetically sealed housing options – easy and safe mounting
  • Customizable cable and/or connector options
  • Generous air gap range – specifi cally optimized for JAQUET pole band and pole wheel designs Consult us on what you need and we’ll assist you in creating the optimum design and functionality.
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