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Wind Cluster at Hamburg WindEnergy 2016

Wind Cluster and Jaquet shared a booth at the Hamburg Wind Energy on October 27th to 30th 2016.

WIND CLUSTER® founded by Peter Nyegaard Jensen.

Since graduating as Bsc.EE in 1985, Peter Nyegaard Jensen has earned extensive experience in companies working in the field of industrial electronics, software and control systems in general - mainly for use in harsh environments such as e.g. mobile, marine and wind turbine application.

Peter Nyegaard Jensen has several years of top management experience from past occupations in companies working internationally and he has strengthened the practical management experience with an Executive MBA in Change Management.

In his last position as Vice President of Energy and Environment Division at kk-electronic a/s, he was responsible for the absolutely largest corporate division representing a divisional turnover of a considerable amount in the triple-digit million range.

Responsibilities at kk-electronic encompassed all activities in respect of sales, project development, manufacturing and servicing of complete control systems, computers, electronics, software, switchboards, converters, pitch systems, cables, etc. for mega-watt-size wind turbines.

At kk-electronic Siemens Wind Power was by far the largest customer but also sale to multiple other wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies, etc. was generated while Peter Nyegaard Jensen held the position as responsible. 

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