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  • January 2023

    Wind Cluster’s Danish Headquarters’ Moves to New Premises

      In recent years, Wind Cluster has experienced strong growth in wind turbine spare parts sales. This growth has led to the need to expand the business with more square meters and better facilities with additional storage space for the many wind turbine spare parts in transit to be shipped all over the world.

      The new location offers spacious offices, which present great opportunities for larger meetings with customers and suppliers. “For a year, we have been working with various options for moving to larger premises and we are delighted that we, with relatively short notice, move into our new location which stands facing a main motorway”, says managing director and owner, Peter Nyegaard Jensen.

      Focus on accessibility and business expansion

      In the past, Wind Cluster has primarily acted as an agency company, mediating the sale of components to the world’s largest turbine manufacturers. Everything from small sensors to ton-heavy generators, which did not physically come past the company address in Silkeborg.

      Over time, however, the business has developed into much more wholesale sales, where the company buys and sells spare parts to wind turbines owners, service companies all over the world, and to the well-known global turbine manufacturers. In recent years, we expanded our business to offer parts repair and refurbishment.

      Wind Cluster has sales offices in China, India, Korea, USA/Canada as well as partners who mediate sales in several other countries.

      The current premises in the middle of Silkeborg became too constrained. Location accessibility with large delivery trucks was somehow difficult, as trucks had to manoeuvre in a small street within the city centre. Now the location for the new headquarters in the striking building east of Silkeborg meets all the criteria that gives Wind Cluster excellent potential for fast and effective business growth. The new premises was newly built in 2021. It is located a few hundred meters from access to a main highway linking all main cities in mainland Jutland. This is a very central location in relation to large wind turbines hubs around cities Aarhus and Brande. It’s approx. 5 minutes by car to Silkeborg, and approx. 15 minutes to Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

      Wind Cluster took over the new premises on 1st December 2022. Within just a few short weeks we are up and running in our new location. “We very much look forward to the new year and grasping every opportunity the new facility allows us to take” says managing director, Peter Nyegaard Jensen.

    • MAY 2022


      Wind Cluster ApS, global distributor of wind turbine components and accessories, together with Schlüter Automation & Sensor GmbH and its Swiss representation Melviri AG, leading provider and distributor of sensor technology and automation, today announce the three companies have signed an agreement covering products for the global wind power segment and in particular for wind turbine manufacturers, operators, and energy companies throughout Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, China and India.

      In Europe, USA and Asia, Wind Cluster is a one-stop shop for turbine manufacturers and operators, offering a wide variety of components and accessories to the global wind power industry. Wind Cluster operate through a network of offices in Denmark, USA, China, India and Korea.

      Schlüter is your problem solver for sensor technology and automation.

      For more than 5 decades Schlüter have been offering customers solutions in the following areas:

      • Optoelectronic sensors
      • U-system photosensors – universal photosensors with and without fiber optics
      • High-performance through-beam photoelectric switches
      • Reflex light barriers
      • Fork light barriers
      • Frame light barriers
      • Inductive sensors (subminiature, high performance, temperature resistant)
      • Capacitive sensors (subminiature, temperature resistant …)
      • Sensors for the food industry (IP69k, stainless steel …)
      • Magnetic field sensors (temperature-resistant, acid-resistant)
      • High temperature sensors and light barriers
      • Special solutions in sensor technology
      • Robots and linear axes

      Schlüter offers 50 years of experience in sensor technology and process automation. Experience that you can use to your advantage.

      Schlüter Automation & Sensor GmbH: History & expertise

      In 1967 Lothar Schlüter, father of the current managing director Jens Schlüter, and still active in the company, founded Lothar Schlüter KG an industrial agency in Lehrte near Hanover, the then Lothar Schlüter KG, was at the forefront in the sensor business, already selling optical and inductive sensors.

      As early as 1977, Lothar Schlüter and his colleagues at the time developed the first photo sensor in the M30 housing. Shortly afterwards, the first fiber optics were installed on the devices. This resulted in the Photo Sensor Universal System, or U-System for short, in 1981, which made the use of fiber optics and photo sensors even easier and more flexible. These fiber optics enable the use of high-performance photo sensors as reflex scanners or one-way light barriers, even in hard-to-reach places or under difficult environmental conditions such as heat, pressure, dust, fog, dirt, moisture, etc. Thanks to its high performance and flexible application options, the U-System quickly established itself on the market.

      In the course of time, the production and delivery program was expediently expanded and supplemented with many components from the field of sensor technology. This is how Schlüter produces and supplies many innovative products that are unique on the market. For example, inductive sensors that work up to + 250 ° C, special light barriers for industrial ovens or capacitive special sensors for a wide variety of applications. Many products have been and are specially developed for customer-specific requirements and applications.


      We at Wind Cluster, together with the experience and expertise of Schlüter, are looking forward to helping YOU find the best product for your specific needs.

      At Wind Cluster we are proud to boast a vast range of products for the wind power industry, for many different applications, for use on small private owned turbines to large leading OEM windfarms. By creating lasting partnerships and distributing products for companies such as Schlüter Automation & Sensor GmbH we can not only offer the parts, but also the knowledge and expertise which accompany them. 

    • November 2021

      Rotary Limit Switch for any Wind Turbine application

      In yaw and pitch application with safety demands and with focus on precise adjustment -the right choice of Rotary Limit Switch is essential and will reduce wind turbine downtime and maintenance cost.

      Rotary limit switches are used in wind turbines for managing and controlling the position of the nacelle (yaw control) and in some cases for pitch angle of the blades (pitch control).

      Whenever the direction of the wind changes, the wind turbine nacelle will adjust accordingly to face perpendicular to the wind. Therefore, if the wind turbine nacelle rotates in the same direction for an extended period, the cables inside that carry the power from the generator down to the tower will become dangerously twisted. This is where the Rotary Limit Switch comes in, in simple terms it acts as a ‘detangler’ to ensure the cables don’t become twisted as the direction of the nacelle changes.

      Rotary Limit Switches may be the good old conventional geared limit switches with rotary encoders referred to as yaw switches, or sometimes simply called “yellow boxes”.

      Alternatively, now available are modern Electronic versions where the mechanical limit switches are replaced with programmable “softcams”. These newer versions are 100% maintenance free and offer more flexibility and a significantly longer lifetime.  With the softcams (relays) the hysteresis becomes near to 0, because there are no mechanical movements in the microswitches.

      Whatever the preferred technology for the specific wind turbine, the Rotary Limit Switches shall offer the   capability to monitor the position of the nacelle and precisely manage the yaw drive to stop the rotary motion of wind turbine safely, for anti-twist protection of the power cable. 

      Wind Turbines operate in difficult thermal conditions with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions such as water, dust, UV rays and brine. Therefore, for the rotary limit switches to have long electrical durability, accuracy of control and maintain resistance to extreme temperatures, it is essential that they have a high degree of protection against all possibly external interference. =

      TER is the global market leader in this field and has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Rotary Limit Switches, providing a complete range from the conventional geared limit switched to the high fashion types offering the flexibility of programming, long lifetime and maintenance free operation. 

      At Wind Cluster we are eager to introduce you to the complete range of products from TER and to find the exact Rotary Limit Switch to match your wind turbine and business case best.

      For More Information please contact:

      Sam Salem, Wind Cluster Regional Manager – USA & Canada

      Phone: 518-210-8282;  Email: salem@windcluster.comwww.windcluster.com

    • October 2021

      New Wind Cluster team member – Welcome Hannah Louis!

      At the beginning of August, we were very pleased to welcome Hannah to the team. Hannah’s role as Sales Coordinator will be based in our Denmark office in Silkeborg.

      From the office in Silkeborg, Hannah´s newfound role will be coordination of global sales activities including support to Wind Cluster sales offices and partners in USA, India, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

      Also, Hannah will support and assist CEO Peter Nyegaard Jensen, to ensure the ‘behind the scenes’ at Wind Cluster remains smooth sailing during growth.

      Hannah has over 7 years experience within Sales, where in each role her dedication and drive has allowed her to advance in these positions, giving here more scope and responsibility.

      Furthermore, within her degree Hannah focused modules on marketing techniques and business optimisation. She also has marketing experience from a previous Social Media based role, this puts her in excellent stead to assist a growing Wind Cluster with the preparation of promotional material and editing online presence.

      Hannah is educated in Social Psychology and has solid experience from admin-based roles whilst she was studying. CEO Peter Nyegaard Jensen says with a smile: “Although Psychology at first glance may not seem to slot directly in line with a career in a wind power company it may come handy” and he adds: ”Hannah has many desirable qualities which are essential in this role as Sales Coordinator. She is a confident and well organised individual, whose customer service is second to none”.

      Here at Wind Cluster are top priority is customer satisfaction, so with more experienced and positive hands-on-deck we are sure we can provide exactly that.

      “My first month at Wind Cluster has been better than I could have ever hoped. I feel confident in my work and have already learnt so much – an opportunity I will grab with both hands! I’ve had a very warm welcome from my colleagues around the world, and it’s just great to really get going now!”

    • October 2021

      Together is better – new partnerships

      At Wind Cluster our ability to export spares around the globe for the wind power industry has proven to grow year on year, particularly in Korea, where their governments proactive wind power polices in the last 10 years and huge private investments into the wind energy industry has led them to become expanding players in the wind power world.

      For several years, Wind Cluster has been working together with Mr. YOO of MEGA Trading Co. MEGA Trading has focus on global sourcing, import, export and agent of local market in Korea. The wind turbine industry is rapidly growing, and MEGA Trading Co share the same dedication, expertise and passion for this sustainable energy growth as we do here at Wind Cluster.

      Mr Yoo (CEO) came from HYOSUNG Wind Energy Business Division, there he was in sole charge of purchasing and global sourcing, such as Gearbox, Generators and overseas components as a purchasing manager. Therefore, we are not only very specialised in local wind business but this partnership with MEGA Trading Co massively develops are expertise and scope internationally, especially within the Korean market. 

      With a vision to not only maintain and service but to also grow, together with our new partners, we also expect to be key players in the builds of brand-new wind turbines. Activities and projects, for example, which may lead to the development and manufacturing of complete so-called Electrical Pitch Systems for Wind Turbine OEM in Korea.

      Wind Cluster and our partners unite several hundred people with decades of accumulated experience in the field of wind energy; we facilitate their cooperation, providing expert sourcing of high-quality electronic and electromechanical components, systems, and services to the global wind industry. We help clients lower their costs, increase productivity, and make wind business more effective. An easily accessible and efficient one-stop-shop to minimise your workload and maximise your potential.

      By playing a central role in the globalization of sub-suppliers, we aim to be the wind turbine manufacturers’, operators and service providers natural first choice of supplier of electronic and electromechanical products and services.​

      Creating partnerships with highly experienced professionals, such as Mr. YOO at MEGA Trading Co, we can further expand our services and knowledge, providing our customers with an effortless and world-class service.

    • Marts 2021

      Can wind turbines operate in icy weather?

      By WPED Contributor | March 1, 2021
      By Sam Salem and Peter Nyegaard Jensen, Wind Cluster

      The February 2021 freeze event in Texas attracted attention to wind turbine behavior in cold weather. Wind generation fell short of expected output but was not the main driver of the extensive power outages experienced across the state. Wind turbines have proved to generate power successfully in cold environments (many northern European countries get a significant portion of their electricity from wind power year-round) if the right preparations are made. And with many climate scientists expecting an increase in extreme weather events — including freezing temperatures — cold climate operation presents a niche market for wind turbine OEMs if they can keep blades spinning during winter.

      The accumulation of ice on the surface of wind turbine blades may cause a harmful unbalance on the rotor, causing issues with production and structural design loads. Ice shedding from a blade can damage other blades, hit the roof of the nacelle or even cause hazardous situations for properties and passers-by.

      A sensitive ice detection system will be the first step to provide an early warning. Looking at the weather, operational signals and using commercial ice detectors are a good starting point. There are many ways to detect ice formation: visual, mechanical, differential pressure, vibration, ultrasonic and optical. Modern ice detectors, like the ones by New Avionics Corp., are entirely optical. A tele-component light source and receiver monitor the opacity and refractive index of whatever substance is in contact with the detector probe. The optical ice detector works as a combined optical spectrometer and optical switch. A change in opacity registers as rime ice; a change in refractive index registers as clear ice. Modern ice sensors are generally lower in cost, lightweight and smaller in size. Relay contacts send a “go/no-go” or “ice/no-ice” signal to the host control system. They run on a DC power source of 8 to 30 V and need only 2 W of power to operate. Ice detection can be installed as a retrofit on the turbines in service.

      In places like Texas, where wind-turbine icing is rare, stopping the turbine may be the cost-optimal solution. To minimize production loss due to icing, a combination of forecasting, detection and mitigation should be used. Better predictability also lets operators determine if and when to shut down wind farm operations altogether. There are instances when the sun can melt the ice. If models indicate severe icing probability, ice forming too thick or too fast, then stopping the wind turbines will be the action to take. In this case, forecasting plays a big role in mitigating outage risks.

      In areas where icing may happen more often, it may be advisable to also consider ice-prevention measures. Ice prevention systems allow wind turbines to continue operating during winter months.  There are a number of ice prevention systems that include passive systems such as ice-phobic or ice-resistant coatings, and active systems such as hot air or electro-thermal systems.

      Ice detection and ice prevention technologies are improving, and their costs are going down. Energy production in the cold season with strong winds and high electricity prices is a big opportunity for wind turbines. But it requires better forecasting, early detection and risk mitigation.

      Sam Salem is the regional manager of Wind Cluster for USA and Canada. Peter Nyegaard Jensen is the managing director of Wind Cluster ApS in Denmark. 

      This story uses information from previous original Windpower Engineering & Development and Wind Systems reporting, and Lasse Hietikko, Business Development Manager of Wicetec, was interviewed for source material.

    • December 2020

      Merry Christmas and happy New Year

      A difficult year burdened by the global pandemic is coming to an end.

      Such a year, it is certainly not a matter of course that the business develops as one wishes.

      During a global pandemic, it would not be appropriate to state that it has been a good year.

      However, discreetly I would just say, so far so good.

      Humbly I appreciate the space on the wall that is adorned with Wind Clusters 2020 proof of AAA Highest creditworthiness.

      Thank you to customers, suppliers, and partners for a fantastic coorporation under difficult conditions.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    • January 2020

      Successful Spare Parts Strategy for Wind Turbines

      After the wind turbine “infant mortality” lapse and OEM warranty period expire, the one shop-stop of Wind Cluster® offers access to more than 50.000 original wind turbine spare parts, repair materials, and accessories for all major wind turbine brands.
      During the wind turbine “infant mortality period” and out through the first 2 – 5 years of asset operation, most asset owners and operators like to have OEM warranty and service contract. Once a sufficient operating history has been built up, the asset owners prefer to seek a more cost-
      effective solution for the remainder of the wind turbine operational life given their newfound understanding of how to do service in a cost-effective ongoing manner. However, at the other end of an asset’s operational lifetime, there are wear-out failures due to the consumption of useful life for each component based on the operational history of the
      machines. Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) activities are necessary to ensure safe and reliable
      machine operation. Non-availability of spare parts could lead to machine downtime. Inventory costs, on
      the other hand, need to be considered to attain economic machine operation. Spare parts strategy for old turbines will be different, somehow, from new turbines’ strategy. In some cases, parts for old turbine designs are not easy to find. Parts with long lead times entail high operation costs.

      It’s important to know what parts of the wind turbine you need to focus on. Based on studies, the most
      critical parts are the gears, which usually cause the longest downtime, the electric system, which has the
      highest amount of failures, and the blades which have the highest purchase cost. Other critical parts are the control system and the sensors of the wind turbine, which both have a high amount of failures and a significant amount of the downtime and purchase cost.

      The economic ordering quantity, or the optimal order size, is an important factor to minimize total
      costs. If orders for multiple parts can be combined, this might save ordering costs and reduce the costs of
      the total spare part management, even though the inventory has not reached the “reorder point” or the
      previous parts review period has not yet ended.
      Wind Cluster® offers a fast access to more than 50,000 original wind turbine spare parts, repair materials and accessories for all major wind turbine brands such as Vestas, NEG Micon, Enercon, Senvion, Suzlon and many more. We can assist with a fast, smooth and cost-efficient sourcing of spare parts. Send your request directly by e-mail and let Wind Cluster® make it easy to do wind business.

      USA and Canada
      Sam Salem – Regional Manager
      Phone: 518-210-8282

      Kesevan Ramesh – Country Mngr.
      Phone: +919840079821

      Peter Nyegaard Jensen – CEO / Mngr. Director Phone: +4570202256

    • November 2019

      Wind Cluster Opens a New Office in North America

      Wind Cluster would like to welcome our new Team Member. Dr. Salem is our Regional General Manager for USA and Canada. Dr. Salem worked for GE Energy in Schenectady New York for the last 20 years. In his tenure years, Dr. Salem served as senior technical support manager, and condition-monitoring manager for GE Wind Services.
      Dr. Salem brings a width of expertise in the areas of electrical power engineering, electrical machines, surge and lightning protection for wind facilities, monitoring and diagnostics strategies, and economic evaluation of refurbishment and replacement decisions.
      Dr. Salem is an active senior member of the IEEE. Recently he was the guest speaker at the IEEE SPDC (Surge Protection Device Committee) meeting in May 2019 in Florida. He served as a member of the International Council on Large Electrical Systems (CIGRE) working group C4.36 on “Winter Lightning Parameters and Engineering Consequences for Wind Turbines”. Also, he led the CIGRE working group to write a guide on “Economic Evaluation of Refurbishment/Replacement Decisions on Generators”. Dr. Salem gave a series of talks on Wind Energy and Wind Generators at CIGRE meetings in Sydney, Paris and IEEE local Section in Schenectady NY. He received the IEEE PES Technical Committee Recognition Award in 2008 for his participation in rewriting IEEE Std. 67-2005 Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Generators. In 2003, he received the IEEE Power Engineering Society Outstanding Engineer Award. Dr. Salem is awarded 22 US patents and co-authored a number of technical papers.
      Dr. Salem is a member of the AWEA-24 subcommittee and the AWEA Electrical Task Force. He will be attending the AWEA Offshore Wind Conference in Boston USA, on the 22nd and 23rd of this month, representing Wind Cluster.
      Dr. Salem lives in Rexford NY with his 15 years old daughter.

    • June 2019

      Silkeborg, DENMARK & Vantaa, FINLAND, June 17th, 2019

      Wind Cluster ApS, global distributor of wind turbine components and accessories, together with POWERNET OY (From July 1st EFORE POWERNET OY), leading maker of high quality power supplies for industry and in particular wind power, today announce the two companies have signed a distribution agreement covering power supplies for wind turbine manufacturers, operators, and energy companies throughout Europe, China, and India.

      In Europe and Asia, Wind Cluster is a one-stop shopping center for turbine manufacturers and operators, offering a wide variety of components and accessories to the global wind power industry. Wind Cluster operate through a network and offices in Denmark, China and India.

      POWERNET develops and delivers custom design and standard solutions for demanding power conversion applications from its base in Vantaa, Finland. Wind power applications call for the highest expertise in power supply development, with strict design requirements and industry-specific design standards, rules and regulations.

      POWERNET has long experience of developing innovative approaches to meet customer expectations. POWERNET solutions rely on switch-mode design topologies “High quality and reliable power supplies is a necessity for wind turbines. With thousands and thousands of power supplies for wind turbines POWERNET has long proved to be the right choice for wind power OEM´s, cabinet manufacturer etc. POWERNET and Wind Cluster have had a long cooperation and we are happy to strengthen the cooperation further as official distributor of POWERNET Oy,“ says Peter Nyegaard Jensen, CEO of Wind Cluster.

      “POWERNET OY is extremely pleased to sign this agreement with Wind Cluster for distribution of our power supplies. This pact helps turbine manufacturers and operators maximize operational efficiency, at the lowest possible Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE),” says Jussi Vanhanen, VP Sales and Marketing of POWERNET OY. “We look forward to continue a long and productive relationship with the hardest-working distributor of wind power components and accessories.”


      Since 1992 customers have found POWERNET to be a dependable and proactive partner that provides efficient and reliable power supplies and professional technical support.

      POWERNET Develops, manufacture and holds pertinent intellectual property rights which are available under manufacturing license for application-specific products.

    • January 2019

      Silkeborg, DENMARK & Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA, January 25th, 2019

      Wind Cluster ApS, global distributor of wind turbine components and accessories, together with New Avionics Corp, leading maker of modern optical ice sensors for industry and aerospace, today announce the two companies have signed a distribution agreement covering modern ice sensors for wind turbine manufacturers, operators, and energy companies throughout Europe, China, and India.

      In Europe and Asia, Wind Cluster is a one-stop shopping center for turbine manufacturers and operators, offering a wide variety of components and accessories to the global wind power industru. Wind Cluster operate through a network and offices in Denmark, China and India.

      In Florida, New Avionics has developed the Ice*Meister™ line of NASA-tested optical ice sensors for aerospace and industry, where the need is to sense hazardous ICE and take corrective action. These are demonstrably the smallest, lightest, most-sensitive ice detectors for wind power turbines, unmanned aerial vehicles, commercial refrigerators and heat pumps, HVAC cooling towers, radio and TV broadcast towers, autonomous commercial DRONES, vehicular bridges and overpasses, oil and gas sites, etc.

      “Ice detection is a necessity for optimum power production and safety in many countries. Till now solutions have been complex and expensive. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the products and unique expertise of New Avionics to the industry, “ says Peter Nyegard Jensen, CEO of Wind Cluster.

      “New Avionics is extremely pleased to sign this agreement with Wind Cluster for distribution of our ice sensors. This pact helps turbine manufacturers and operators maximize operational efficiency during icing conditions, at the lowest possible sensor cost,” says Richard Hackmeister, CEO of New Avionics Corp. “We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the hardest-working distributor of wind power components and accessories.” 

      About New Avionics:

      Founded in 1996, New Avionics Corporation is a privately held firm that develops, manufactures and markets NASA-tested optical ice and precipitation sensors for aerospace, industry and commercial refrigeration applications. New Avionics holds pertinent intellectual property rights which are available under manufacturing license for application-specific products.



    • November 2016

      At Wind Cluster, we take pride in running a sound business. Good business acumen is obviously fundamental to the company’s operations and we are valuing properties as integrity and ethics very high.

      We strive in every way to run the company professionally.

      Already at establishment of the company in October 2007 we applied for Danish protection of our brand and the name “WIND CLUSTER” . Later we applied for and received eg. European trademarks in October 2008.

      Therefore, we find it extremely offensive that a German company has chosen to use and to parasite on our good name.

      We are determined to protect and enforce our good name and hence we have initiated legal actions by German court.

    • August 2016

      We are happy to announce the cooperation between Wind Cluster and “THE QUEEN OF POWER” – and in particulay the queen in surge protection.

    • July 2016

      We are happy to announce the cooperation between Wind Cluster and the leading Italian manufacturer of Rotary Limit Switches as traditionaly used in yaw systems of wind turbines.

      TER is an old friend of Wind Cluster and we are happy to continue the good relations now on exclusive distributor and agency terms in important wind turbine segment.

    • August 2015

      We are happy to announce the cooperation between Wind Cluster and the leading German manufacturer of a wide portefolio of Wind Sensors, Cup-anemometers, Wind Vanes and Ultrasoni Sensors.

    • May 2014

      We are happy to announce the cooperation between Wind Cluster and Indian based Elcomponics.

      Elcomponics is a high quality manufacturer of Wiring Harness, Power Cable Assemblies, Wires & Cables, Transformers, Chokes and other wound components.

      With experience from e.g. the automotive industry Elcomponics bring the standard of serial manufacturing in Wind Turbines at a higher level.

      All products bear the stamp of quality workmanship and excellent finish and yet manufactured in India and very competitive.

      Elcomponics supply OEM manufacturers to all the top players in the market with power ratings up to MVA at voltages to 25 kV and frequencies to 500 kHz. The wide range of standard and custom transformers and inductors are designed to meet the highest specifications and adhere to all the international standards.

    • January 2014

      We are happy to announce that Wind Cluster and ONLINE USV-Systeme AG have entered into a distributor agreement in the wind power segment.

      ONLINE USV -Systeme AG was founded in 1988 and is a leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies ( UPS).

      Due to the high product quality ONLINE is globally recognized and valued.

      With more than 650,000 ONLINE UPS sold ONLINE is the number one in Germany and one of the global market leaders in this field.

      ONLINE have about 15 distribution partners and more than 3,500 dealers throughout Europe. Therefore, Wind Cluster is happy to be the exclusive distributor in the wind power segment.

    • January 2013

      We are happy to announce that Wind Cluster and Iskra Sistemi have entered into an exclusive distributor agreement in the wind power segment.

      Iskra Sistemi is a global provider of industrial solutions and electrotechnical products. They are the largest Slovenian company in the fields of process automation, communications and security systems for power distribution, transmission, networking, powerline communications, railway and road traffic and software solutions in the field of energy sector and logistics and producer of power capacitors, DC link capacitors, capacitors for use in electronics, radio interference suppression components, switchgears, electrical measuring instruments, batteries, antennas, cores and potentiometers.

    • May 2012

      We are happy to announce that Wind Cluster and Jaquet Technology have entered into a Partnership Agreement.

      The Partnership Agreement includes the sales of e.g. JAQUET Zero-speed-sensors in the global wind power segment. Also, the parties have entered a joint sales set-up of other Wind Cluster products in the greater Shanghai area from the offices of JAQUET in China.

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    We are comitted to offer the lowest possible electricity cost over the lifetime of your wind turbine.

    We look forward to serving you!

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