October 2021

Together is better – new partnerships

At Wind Cluster our ability to export spares around the globe for the wind power industry has proven to grow year on year, particularly in Korea, where their governments proactive wind power polices in the last 10 years and huge private investments into the wind energy industry has led them to become expanding players in the wind power world.

For several years, Wind Cluster has been working together with Mr. YOO of MEGA Trading Co. MEGA Trading has focus on global sourcing, import, export and agent of local market in Korea. The wind turbine industry is rapidly growing, and MEGA Trading Co share the same dedication, expertise and passion for this sustainable energy growth as we do here at Wind Cluster.

Mr Yoo (CEO) came from HYOSUNG Wind Energy Business Division, there he was in sole charge of purchasing and global sourcing, such as Gearbox, Generators and overseas components as a purchasing manager. Therefore, we are not only very specialised in local wind business but this partnership with MEGA Trading Co massively develops are expertise and scope internationally, especially within the Korean market.

With a vision to not only maintain and service but to also grow, together with our new partners, we also expect to be key players in the builds of brand-new wind turbines. Activities and projects, for example, which may lead to the development and manufacturing of complete so-called Electrical Pitch Systems for Wind Turbine OEM in Korea.

Wind Cluster and our partners unite several hundred people with decades of accumulated experience in the field of wind energy; we facilitate their cooperation, providing expert sourcing of high-quality electronic and electromechanical components, systems, and services to the global wind industry. We help clients lower their costs, increase productivity, and make wind business more effective. An easily accessible and efficient one-stop-shop to minimise your workload and maximise your potential.

By playing a central role in the globalization of sub-suppliers, we aim to be the wind turbine manufacturers’, operators and service providers natural first choice of supplier of electronic and electromechanical products and services.​

Creating partnerships with highly experienced professionals, such as Mr. YOO at MEGA Trading Co, we can further expand our services and knowledge, providing our customers with an effortless and world-class service.

Market leader​

​We realise that being a market leader – now as well as in the future – requires not only world-class technology and top quality but also constant improvements in logistics, service, global presence and competitiveness in general.

We are comitted to offer the lowest possible electricity cost over the lifetime of your wind turbine.

We look forward to serving you!

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