Wind Cluster offers a vast array of capacitors in numerous application-specific and customer-specific designs of Iskra Sistemi.

Constant product improvement has resulted in components that are smaller, more reliable and more cost-effective than their predecessors. The power capacitor range, for example, encompasses low voltage power factor correction capacitors, low voltage power factor banks, high voltge power capacitors, induction heating capacitors, HV capacitors for network tone control, and capacitors for protecting HV power switches.

Equipped with state-of-the-art automated manufacturing and testing facilities, Iskra Sistemi produces its capacitors to the latest international standards; strict quality control is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process.

For use e.g. in Power Converters of wind turbines or in Phase Compensation Equipmet we offer in cooperation with Iskra Sistemi a wide range of DC Link Capacitors, Snupper capacitors etc.:

DC Link Capacitors


  • Rated capacitance 100-2000 μF​

  • Capacitance tolerance ±10%​

  • Rated DC Voltage (Un) max1800 V DC​

  • Self-inductance max. 70 nH​

  • Typical tan. d (50 Hz) <5.0e-4 br="">

  • Series resistance <3 m="" 1="" khz="" br="">

  • Filling Resin Dry, UL94, V0​

  • Dielectric Self healing MPP aluminium case without overpressure device​

  • Terminals M6, M8 internal threads M8 screw types bolds​

Maximum ratings

  • Overvoltage 1.1 x Un (8h/day)​

  • Max. (dV/dt) 25 V/us​

Climatic category

  • Operating temp.:
    -40°C to +70°C at Un
    -40°C to +85°C at 0.7 Un
    -40°C to +100°C at 0.5 Un

  • Max. hot spot temp. 85°C

  • IEC 68/1 40/70/21

  • Expected life: 100.000 h at Un, 70°C

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