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Wind Cluster and New New Avionics Corporation are happy to introduce new generation of Ice Sensors for Wind Turbines.

Sensors are available in more versions for nacell-mounting or even light weight versions for use on inspection drones.

Ice*Meister™ Model 9734-SYSTEM optical ice sensing detector is lightweight, easy to install and completely self-contained in one compact, robust unit.

Senses H2O in its solid and liquid phases.

Indicates ICE ALERT with output relay contacts and blue indicator LED.

Ice*Meister™ Model 9734-SYSTEM industrial ice detecting sensor system is a modern, optical go/no-go ice sensor for general purpose industrial applications including wind power turbines.

It is completely self-contained. No external components are required.

9734 monitors the optical characteristics of whatever substance is on the probe. If AIR is on the probe, output indicates NO ICE. If H2O is on the probe, output indicates ICE ALERT. Liquid water simply runs off by gravity, but ICE sticks to the optical surfaces for sensing. There are no moving parts.

Unit detects H2O in its solid and liquid phases, including rime ice, snow, frost, clear ice, standing water.

Gravity removes rain and ice melt from the optics.

This sensor has no specified accuracy and is not intended to be used as an analog measuring instrument.

Model 9734 indicates the presence of ice. An optional protective cage is available to help guard against falling chunks of ice and other debris.

Model 9734 in short:

  • No moving parts

  • Self-contained

  • Robust

  • Solid as a brick

  • No exposed electronics

  • LED & relay outputs

  • 8-24VDC Power

  • 2W Max

  • NASA tested

  • Lowest price

  • Rapid delivery​

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