Lightning and surge protection

With the growing awareness of the global warming and the limits to our fossil based fuels, the need to find better renewable source of energy is becoming apparent.

The use of wind energy is a rapidly growing industry. Such installation are generally located on open and elevated terrain and as such present attractive capture points for lightning discharges.

If reliable supply is to be maintained it is important that sources of over-voltage damage are mitigated. HAKEL Ltd. provides an extensive range of surge protection devices suited to both direct and partial lightning currents.​

For all above areas such as (1) control cabinets, (2) rotor protection, (3) stator protection, (4) hub, (5) wind sensors and (6) aviation lights HAKEL Ltd. have a wide portefolio of products suitable to protect against suges and lightning appearing in and around the nacell.

Also for protection of tower parts HAKEL Ltd. is offering a wide range of products:​

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