Hydraulic pitch components and systems

We offer various components for hydraulic pitch systems; together with our partners we can assist with the sourcing of complete assemblies of hydraulic pitch cylinders, valves etc.

Long stroke non-contacting position/ displacement sensor

A key component in our hydraulic Pitch solutions is a unique long stroke non-contacting position/displacement sensor . The absolutely linear sensors are designed to operate in the most extreme and difficult environments such as inside the hydraulic cylinders of the pitch system.

Therefore, dust, vibrations, high temperature, high pressure, and magnetic fields have no influence on the functionality and we offer the sensors with a 5-year warranty period.

The basic principle is NON-CONTACT inductive/Eddy Current based on a wire wound coil.

Analog outputs are standard 4-20mA or 20-4mA, with endless resolution and optional two digital outputs. CAN open and other output types such as PWM, SSi or Profinet are available on request.

Oil level sensors

Our electronic oil level/flow switches are designed to detect oil and lubrication on all types of wind turbines and wind applications. The measuring principle is capacitive, and high pressures up to 170 bar have no effect on functionality.

Applications in the turbines could be:

  • Watch/secure for oil flow
  • Control of oil return from oil separators/filters
  • Low oil alarm

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