Condition Monitoring

Smart Terminals On The Edge

Edge devices are intelligent devices that connect sensors and data sources such as vibration, temperature and oil quality sensors to the platform.

The devices have intelligence that converts raw data into intelligent data and adds connectivity, security and remote configurability making them easy and fast to deploy.

All devices utilize cloud analytics and visualization tools.

Condence offers three options for industrial applications: Easy, Basic and Advanced

Condence Advanced

Condence Advanced is a tool for demanding use cases e.g. in the wind power industry.

Advanced has 8 Time Synchronous high frequency channels with RPM scaling (internal ratios for e.g gearboxes), Special tools for slowly rotating machinery (0,5 RPM) and other tools to detect fast phenomena like voltage spikes in electric motors. One key advantage is in the user-friendly configuration of the analytics.

The Advanced solution is used for the asset health monitoring of large machines such as Drive train with gearbox, shaft and generator.

Condence Advanced makes it possible to benefit from ready productized Condence concepts as well as customizable solutions.


​Techn​ical data

  • Hight frequency vibration channels x8 (ICP/IEPE type)
    • Sampling up to 48khz, 1Milj datapoints, 54s sample, time synchronous in 8ch
    • Longer e.g. 2 min samples at 9,7kHz
  • 8 x selectable analog channels, current (mA) or voltage (V)
  • 3 x RTD channels (pt100/pt1000)
  • RS485 for Smart sensors (e.g. Modbus,HSI)


  • Customisable analytics for vibration analysis with RPM scale timedomain and frequency domain
  • Average/ min/max for analogue channels
  • Oil-analysis for colour, quality, contamination
  • Lubrication analysis for grease lubrication
  • Running hours (cycles, modes, count)
  • Cumulative values
  • Trend’s

Note that raw data from vibration is also available in the cloud for post analysi


  • 4G/3G/2G
  • Ethernet

Condence Basic

Condence Basic has been developed where standard vibration + temperature measurements need to be complemented with other sources of data.

Basic uses wired sensors and can use typical digital data such as Modbus for maximum value range and configurability.

The Condence Basic solution allows combining measurements from several sources, including e.g. oil analysis as well as any standard analogue sensors (V/mA) or other commercial off-the-shelf smart sensors.


​Techn​ical data

  • Utilises commercial sensors
  • 1x Current channel (mA)
  • 3x Voltage channels (V)
  • RS485 for Smart sensors (e.g. Modbus,HSI)


  • Sensor dependant.
  • Running hours (cycles, modes, count)
  • Cumulative values
  • Trend’s


  • 4G/3G/2G
  • Ethernet

Condence Easy

Condence Easy has been developed as a fast-to-deploy and affordable solution with wireless vibration and temperature sensors. The optimal use case includes machines that are subject to manual inspections for general vibration levels or ones currently outside an inspection routine.

Wireless sensors make installation easy and straight forward. The sensors create an innovative mesh network and no special infrastructure is needed.

​Techn​ical data

  • Support for wireless mesh type sensors
  • 3-axis 10-1000hz vibration + temperature


  • RMS, velocity (mm/s)
  • Kurtosis
  • Peak to peak, velocity (mm/s)
  • Zero to peak, velocity (mm/s)


  • 4G/3G
  • Ethernet

In The Cloud And On The Edge

The Condence Cloud and Analytics solution combines both embedded analytics and a cloud service. The Analytics portfolio can be described as a library of different analytical methods to maximize machine health.

Condence software is divided into two levels, the cloud and edge analytics embedded on the field device hardware. High speed data is analysed on the local level, converted into smart data and sent to the cloud.


​Condence cloud offers a variety of widgets and tools for visualising and post-processing data. Data can be stored in the cloud or sent to a third-party-cloud enabling a “system of systems” architecture.

Condence has been built for industrial use, and therefore vital aspects like scalability, flexibility and security have been taken into account. Condence is a future proof solution.


Condence has numerous purpose built tools to analyse, automate and track relevant data and anomalies.

Tools such as the Trend Revealer assist users with detecting issues at an early stage. If monitoring is passive, the Anomaly Revealer will be more beneficial than monitoring based on alarms. It assists in finding limits and the normal automatically. When issues are detected, decision for the right action and timing is needed – here, the Forecast tool comes into picture.

Trend Revealer

"unveil the underlying trends which otherwise could go unnoticed by the eyes of the human analyst”

Anomaly Revealer

“set value ranges for anomalies and detect them automatically”

Lubrication Indicator

detect lubrication related issues and manage lubrication on need basis”


estimate the trend into the future for better planning”


Features such as alarms, messages and visualizations are a must for operators. Making them easy to use and configure is our specialty. Scalability is critical. The system must be flexible and adapt to various environments, cover different types of assets and integrate with existing IT-systems in order to deliver meaningful and actionable analysis.

Alarms and Messages

“stay on top of emerging issues and anomalies”


“Maps, graphs, tools and more to assist professionals in their daily job”

3rd Party Support

3rd party support and integration both upstream and downstream”

Scalability with Remote Device Management

“configure, update and deploy field devices remotely from the cloud”

Vibration analysis

“Time and Frequency domain analysis, harmonic and sideband tools and more…”

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