SCHLEIFRING GmbH, a global player with 500 employees and state-of-the-art facilities in Fürstenfeldbruck and Kaufbeuren (Germany), Newbury (UK), Elgin, IL (USA) and Beijing (China), covers all sectors of leading edge electrical slip ring systems and non-contacting high data rate rotary joints.

Whenever power and signals have to be transmitted from stationary to rotating facilities e.g. signals from the generator head to the rotor blades, or network technology data (Profibus, Fast Ethernet 100 Base Tx etc.) SCHLEIFRING systems are the perfect choice.

Today’s large wind turbines are almost solely pitch controlled. Obviously the quality of the slip ring is a key determinant in the quality of the overall system. SCHLEIFRING’s combines field-proven slip ring designs, from specific small batch series and standard solutions through to large scale production with several thousand units per year.


​Product Survey:

Low power + data / compact designs

Electrical or hydraulic pitch drive slip ring systems designed for low power requirements.
Proven gold wire technology allows a compact design for low currents up to 30 A. Compact, versatile designs with different connection elements (junction box, cable and connector, connectors or pigtails) can be engineered according to customer specification.


  • Absolute or incremental encoder
  • Heating elements for low temperature environment
  • Customized coating
  • Optical data transmission
  • Cable looms
  • Flying leads, terminal blocks, or connectors

High power 80 A + data / classic designs
Slip ring system designed for electrical pitch drives up to 80 A + supply power + data. Modular architecture and robust mechanical design in aluminium encasement offer easy adaption for a wide range of demanding applications. Standard connectors and flanges allow for quick installation.

Accessories and Options:

  • Customized torque arm support
  • Heating elements for cold climate version
  • Coating for offshore applications
  • Optical data transmission
  • Cable looms
  • Flying leads, terminal blocks, or connectors

​High power 80 A + data / custom designs

Slip ring systems designed for specific demands.

Custom Designs in gold wire technology
Our team of engineers has focused its total resources toward one goal: tailoring the best slip ring for your application, often within the field-proven existing design envelope, to provide you with the best product possible. Custom designs comprise for instance specific mechanical interfaces and connectors or integrated encoder systems as well as accessories such as surge protection.

Hybrid Designs for multi MW turbines

Slip ring systems in hybrid design for very powerful pitch drives – Onshore/ Offshore – for electrical pitch >80 A + power + data supply.

In many instances SCHLEIFRING is called upon to incorporate various transmission technologies such as contacting slip ring for power and signal transmission, non-contacting rotary joint for data transmission and positioning systems into one slip ring assembly: highly reliable low maintenance hybrid systems built to withstand strong vibrations and harsh environments.

Possible combination of transmission principles:

Carbon brush/ brass – gold wire technology
Carbon brush/ brass – optical (data transmission)
Carbon brush/ brass – EtherCAP® (contactless data transmission)
Gold wire technology – EtherCAP® (contactless data transmission)Gold wire technology – optical (data transmission)


​Completely non-contacting transmission of data and power

Upon request SCHLEIFRING exclusively offers non-contacting transmission technologies for high data rate transmission, including all common bus systems like Ethernet and EtherCAT up to Gigabit as well as highly efficient non-contacting power transmission. Theoretically, there is no limit to the amount of power that can be transferred.

Advantages of non-contacting technologies are:

  • Wear-resistance, high noise immunity combined with
  • Excellent EMC performance, high reliability and bit error rates of <10-13
  • Absolutely no maintenance required
  • Suited for harshest environments

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