Electrical pitch systems

Over the years Wind Cluster has been involved in the development of more electrical pitch systems.

We have contributed with feasibility studies, specifications and test of proto types as build by our partners

Wind Cluster’s high-quality pitch systems for all turbine sizes and climate conditions are based on an open architecture and customized to the requirements of the customer. They provide very high availability and extremely reliable and stable operation of the turbine.

The systems feature enhanced safety and reliability and are designed to operate under very harsh climate conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Open architecture and design

  • Reliable design increasing availability

  • Operating even if grid power is not stable

  • Safety brake systems – reducing stress on blades and drive train

  • Full operation under all climate conditions: -40°C to +50°C, dust, moisture, and lightning

  • Standard protocols used between pitch system and turbine main controller

  • AC, DC or Servo motors

All systems are customized and adapted to match the specific type of wind turbines. The systems are developed by a group of highly skiled companies mastering electronics, software, drives, ultracapacitors, boosters, mechanics, load calculations and other needed capabilities.

The business model of Wind Cluster is taking advance of highly skilled experts in Europe and serial production of pitch cabinets at wind turbines manufacturers facilities or by partners in China or India as may be preferred for maximum performence and highest possible competitivenes.

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