Wind sensors, anemometres, wind vanes and weather measurement

Wind sensors for world wide weather conditions

Operational safety, durability and optimum yield are the fundamental requirements that manufacturers and operators of wind power plants need from the technology that they deploy.

Our wind sensors fulfil these requirements with the highest reliability and offer excellent value for money.

Wherever the location of your wind power plant may be; off shore, on the coast, in deserts, in rainforests or in extremely cold and icy climates, our wind sensors are the right choice.

In addition to a unique range of standard sensors, Lambrecht’s modular sensor design provides the opportunity to realise your individual customer requests and thus to design the optimal wind sensor for every application.

In cooperatin with Lambrrecht we are the only supplier of wind sensors who can provide all essential wind measuring technologies.


► Traditional Cup-anemometers and wind vanes

► Ultrasound windsensors

► Thermal windsensors

More than 35 special customised wind sensor types are already doing a great job on thousands of wind power plants in the world.

If you are looking for wind measuring technology that guarantee safe function andoptimized energy output, Lambrecht is the right supplier for you.

Advantages of Lambrecht Wind Sensors

  • Wide measuring and temperature ranges
  • High resolution andaccuracy
  • Sea water resistant materials
  • All aluminium design
  • High quality axis and bearings
  • Non-contact abrasion free measuring system
  • Integrated heatings ystem
  • Fully heated ice-free sensor
  • Surviving above 100m/s
  • Various output signals and cable lengths
  • Universal mounting device

Moderate Weather Conditions

  • wide measuring range
  • integrated heating system
  • safe data aquisition

Off-shore and Sea-side

  • all aluminium design
  • seawater resistant
  • surviving above 100m/s

Cold climate

  • fully heated ice free sensor
  • high resolution and accracy
  • robust all aluminium design

Tropics and deserts

  • high quality axis andbearings
  • wide temperaturerange
  • various outputsignals

​Data loggers

More different datal ogger possibilities … e.g. the Smart Serial Solution of Lambrecht:

Small 3.4-channel data logger with serial interface and connection to the LAN (Ethernet).

The new met[LOG] and LAMBRECHT meteo sensors (rain[e], EOLOS, ACRO, THP, WENTO) operational through auto-configuration at just one push of a button.

  • Alarm generation with hysteresis or window function; alarm output via 4 digital outputs, 8 logically connect- able warning channels
  • ​Graphical development display, trend display, indicator for wind speed and wind direction, status indication for sunshine duration and precipitation event, indication heat index/humidex and wind chill, sector indication for 8x brightness, indication for sunshine and rainfall duration for the day (available indications depending on the connected sensors)
  • ​Data storage on micro SD-card in a ring memory for one year

Other cup anemometers and wind vanes for e.g. service and maintenance

DWC cup anemometers and wind vanes are easy to adapt to anny service or maintenance application on different brands and types of turbines.

They feature:​

  • Very high quality, 5 years warranty
  • Body of brass
  • Other parts, cups and vanes of AISI 316 stainless steel, no corrosion
  • Modular design and standard sensors
  • Easy to customize, adapt, and service
  • Ball bearing design for moving parts
  • Long-term faultless operation
  • Available for cold climate

Can be retrofitted on a wide range of wind turbines such as e.g.:

  • Bonus
  • Vestas
  • NEG Micon
  • Wind World
  • Nordtank
  • Micon
  • and more

Other ultrasonic windsensor for weather stations, masts etc.

3-dimensional wind sensors for weather stations, featuring:

  • Wind speed and direction in one unit, only one data cable required
  • Very accurate, simple installation
  • No turning parts, no bearings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Indication of failure, built-in self-test
  • Very reliable
  • Wide measuring ranges, possibility of field calibration, sensor head heating
  • Flexible and wide range of applications
  • Available for cold climate

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